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CPR and first aid classesDawah and interfaithFinancial trainingJob and resume preparationLandscapingLegal counselingMedical expertise - health fairMentoring - big brotherMentoring - big sisterTech supportTech trainingTutoringWeekend School TeacherYouth support brothersYouth support sisters

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I am volunteering with the Islamic Center of South Shore Inc. (“Masjid Hamza”). When I am participating in volunteer activities, I agree to cooperate promptly and fully with all directions of Masjid Hamza’s personnel. I agree to follow all of Masjid Hamza’s Rules and Regulations, and all State, and Federal laws, rules, and regulations. I understand that my failure to behave appropriately may result in being prohibited from further participating in this or other Masjid Hamza volunteer activities.

I represent that I am physically fit and that I do not have a medical condition that would restrict me from participating in physical activities. I acknowledge that there are risks associated with physical activities, including the risks of serious bodily injury and death, and I hereby assume all dangers and risks associated therewith.

I understand that I am responsible for my own behavior and agree that I will only perform tasks that I feel comfortable and safe doing, and that I am medically and physically capable of doing. I also understand it is my responsibility to safely travel to and from the volunteer site and shall not hold Masjid Hamza responsible for any injury I might sustain as a result of my travel to and from the volunteer site.

I understand that Masjid Hamza will not cover any medical expenses due to injury received through my participation in volunteer activities. In partial consideration of my acceptance as a participant in volunteer activities, I hereby agree to waive all claims I have or may have against Masjid Hamza, in relation to volunteer activities, and agree to release and hold harmless Masjid Hamza, along with their respective employees, agents, affiliates, sponsors or other representatives, from any and all claims for any and all expenses, personal injury, loss, or damages incurred during or in connection to my participating in volunteer activities.

Please check the box if have read & accept our volunteer waiver & release.